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Apparently, everyone hates

\ conducted a survey of 3,400 Americans, asking them their opinions about various cities. The result may or may not surprise you: Everyone loves New York and everyone hates Detroit (above), which was not only listed as the "Least Favorite," but also the "Least Healthy" and "Dirtiest."

Second and third place for least favorite city? Los Angeles and Atlanta. Why's everybody hating on Atlanta? They did win for "Nicest Sounding Accent."

San Francisco was the second favorite, and Boston and Chicago tied for third. Conversely, Boston also got "Most Annoying Accent." Clearly, these people have not been to my hometown of Minneapolis.

Other cities with mentions include Miami for "Sexiest" and Honolulu for "Most Romantic." Seattle got "Healthiest" and Washington D.C. got "Best Free Attractions." Cleveland got "Most Boring."

My favorite part of this survey:
Friendliest and Most Helpful: New York City
Least Friendly and Helpful: New York City

Ah, sweet paradox. I will forever argue that New Yorker's aren't mean, they're just fast. Almost everyone in New York will be happy to help you if you bottom-line your question.

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