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 What’s the most fun you’ve had doing an interview?

Most of that is detailed above, but interviews are fun when you make a mental connection with your subject and the conversation transcends a simple question and answer session. If you leave the conversation with a raised consciousness of a particular issue, that’s a bonus.

How do you deal with negative feedback from bands or readers about something you’ve written?

If someone says, ‘I think you’re a wanker’, you yawn and forget it. If someone says, ‘I think you’ve made a serious error of judgment’, then that’s more important. You listen to their argument, thank them for their time and give it some thought. Either they’re wrong, in which case you ignore it, or they’re right, in which case you take their criticism on board. You know, all you can do is your best. If your best isn’t good enough, just try harder next time.

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