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over water

be there.say yes as often as possible.let
them bang on pots and pans.if they're crabby,
let them swim.if they're unlovable, love
yourself.realize how important it is to be
an impressionable.go to a movie theatre in your pajamas.
read books out loud with emo.invent pleasures
together to get there.remember how really small they are.
giggle a lot.surprise them.say no when
necessary.teach feelings.heal your own
inner banana.learn about kidding.hug trees and
cars together.make loving safe.bake a cake and
lick it with no crying.go find melons and
kiss them.plan to build a MEGATRON.imagine
yourself mega.make lots of forts with
blankets.let your little bird fly.reveal your
own out the good.keep
the devil and your eye.write and whisper something to your love.
encourage silly.plant a caterpillar in your up then shut up.stop
your um listen, "they do not love that do not show their love."
and then you die.a lot.speak kindly.paint their punk shoes.handle
with caring.

cheeze is miraculous
and then you die.

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