the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

negro healthcare

- the REAL issue is that fat is a class and race marker in this country, and is therefore considered low status.

-The data for Manhattan reflects the unique demographics - an affluent, educated population, including a sizeable number who have no family responsibilities and thus time

-There’s a big information gap between those who are healthy and those who aren’t.

-It’s scary to think that over half the population is obese. Overweight people are slowly becoming the norm!

Fixing this has to go beyond just serving healthy foods at schools. We got to revolutionize the way people eat and live. Staying fit isn’t hard as long as you got the right habits

• The Bronx is NYC's fattest borough. Manhattan is New York State's Eastern European model: It's the slimmest of the Empire state's 62 counties.


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