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Americans have become so naive and uneducated about their political system that they are willing to believe the Congress works for the President and that the President’s plan is what Congress is implementing. The Congress will send the President legislation-it doesn't need to be the "plan" It isn’t and it won’t be.. AND, it will be loaded at the last minute, as always, with changes that no one reads. The President is so desperate to have "reform" that he will sign whatever he gets - just as Pelosi has said.

The Congress is supposed to represent the people who gave them their votes - yet they sell those votes to lobbyists. People get upset about lobbyists, but not at their “representatives” for being influenced by lobbyists? Naïve. People accept that the President makes law? Naïve. People accept that lobbying isn’t just another name for legal bribery (because Congress made that law)? Naïve. People listen to the
not-news spouted on all the networks? Naïve. People accept that legislation absolutely must be passed this month or … what? Naive


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