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slippery tongue “imploding,”

 “We know there must be change,” Doig said in a recent interview ...

Wait a minute!
I thought you guys are always espousing how the Republican Party is nothing more than a bunch of toothless, gun-toting, trailer park rednecks? Now you're saying we're all a bunch of rich stock holders and politicians?

Make up your mind.  .If Obama fails, America wins.

They dont want anyone to read this stuff...they just want it passed!

Obama says that there are 47 million Americans turns out that 11 million are illegals. Obama said that MEDICARE pays $40K for amputation procedures, it turns out it is $600. Obama says no rationing, but if you put even 30 million people into the system while taking $300B out of the MEDICARE budget, the only possible answer is reduced services which means RATIONING. Obama has refused to address the high costs of medical care. Where is his tort reform? Why doesn't he just eliminate the $100B plus in MEDICARE fraud he talks about.

BTW that race card you just threw out, is so worn, no one is listening.

That and I'm about half native American, and we are still waiting for OUR first president, you don't see us crying all day. That and WE already know all about how well the government runs programs, so shove it, pitiful little person you are.

for a conservative, charity is giving out of your own pocket to help another. For a liberal, charity is about taking from someone else's pocket to give to another.

lefties have CBS, NBC, ABC, NPR, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, WSJ,, but Fox News leaves you spinning on your heads?

Seriously, do you really think you can add 50 million new insured... and add NO new doctors.. won't result in a long line somewhere ? use your brain

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