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You cannot transcend what you do not know


It doesn't really matter what the bill says it will do. The government has never been able to do what it has intended to do with social security, medicaid/medicare, or other social programs even with good legislation. Specifically, costs are always more than expected and the results are never as good as predicted. To illustrate, "Cash for clunkers" has been a nightmare for small dealerships due to hiccups in government payout. It doesn't matter what the government promises or puts into legislation; it cannot implement programs effectively because of the sheer monstrosity of the projects that it undertakes. Our founding fathers understood this and were correctly convinced that all reform must take place at the state and local level in order to be successful.

I will tell the Medical Community a FACT: Vitamin D PREVENTS MANY DISEASES if it is present in the body at the correct level. MUCH higher than the present MDA.


The author cites "" as if it's a solid reference. It's frequently NOT factual. This article is obviously biased in favor of govt controlled health care..

As a health care provider that frequently uses and refers patients to this site, I am dumbfounded that you would post such a biased opinion.

'If you're concerned about primary care, you may be better off in another developed country,'' says Hobson.' If you need to see a specialist, you can't beat the U.S.''

HR 3200 is the most widely cited of the Bills being discussed which is why many of the previous posters keep referring to "the Bill".
Some points to know:

3200 will create a situation where rationing will occur. Private insurance does cause some rationing but "the Bill" creates a situation where a given hospital can only admit a patient with a particular condition if they are not already holding X number of patients with that same condition. IE, each hospital has only so many allotments for different common conditions. (imagine lots of obese niggers littering hospitals)

Next, 3200 not only raises taxes to help pay for "the Bill" it also uses the IRS as an enforcement agent if you do not buy into some government sanctioned plan. In other words, at the end of the tax year, you are "fined" (taxed) for not having coverage. That "fine" is applied to all levels of income, not just the highest.

The Public Option in HR 3200 also has an unfair advantage in that all costs for the healthcare coverage are subsidized by these "fines" and taxes. This effectively makes the Public Option look more attractive to the average consumer because they will see an upfront cost to them that seems less than private insurance, but not the additional costs happening behind the scenes, effectively attracting people to the public option over private insurance.
This would be unfair competition for private insurers and could drive many out of business. Not the sort of thing you want to do in a bad economy.


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