the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

Bush says Obama 'deserves my silence'

Maybe if Obama sent his daughters to an inner city DC public school instead of that $30,000+/year private school they go to, he'd understand why kids:

- don't listen to their idiot teachers who likely carried 2.0 or worse GPA in some shithole community college where they graduated with a (non)degree in "Education" and are only quasi-literate if at all

- don't stay in school because it's too fucking dangerous and traumatic and besides they're not learning shit there anyway

It's sort of duplicitous and hypocritical for him to lecture them when his own kids are spending their days in the cushiest school in the region and will never face the hellish realities those urban youth face every day of their lives. Like 99.9% of all gum-flapping by politicians, this speech amounts to a bunch of symbolic, feel-goody bullshit and no substance.

If he wanted to make a real statement, he would announce that he's sending his girls to the worst public school in DC, because that's how confident he is that he's going to reverse the decay of the US public school system.

Look, you're making my point for me. The inner city schools are very dangerous. They're unsafe. Kids get raped on the school grounds. They get assaulted. It's a terrible learning environment. So isn't it kind of fucked up for the President to tell kids not to drop out when they're facing that kind of shit daily? Who the fuck is he to lecture them? His kids go to a $30,000 private school. jesus

I favor    the separation of government and education.

but for now let me point out two things:

1. Before America had a standardized public school system, its populace was considered the most-educated, most well-read on the planet.

2. You're talking about a process which has to undo decades of damage. It's not going to happen overnight. There has been so much misallocation of resources over so long a period of time that it can't be fixed quickly. I hate this argument you guys make. Your government creates ungodly problems with years of stupid policies, creates mass dependency and destroys the infrastructure and institutions which used to exist before the government got involved, and then you want to know how we can possibly survive if we scale down the government. It's like medicare, medicaid, and social security -- you create this dependent class which did not exist before, and then you want me to tell you how we can painlessly turn off the government handouts. jesus


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