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Why women want to do housework after sex


Professor Elwyn Isaac of the University of Leeds said researchers believed the female housework phase (which lasted over a week at a time) was a compulsion rather than lady's choice.

'Females who mated with males that produced sperm without the sex peptide continued to take their siesta,' he said.

'So we're certain that this change of behaviour is chemically induced by the male.'


Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Oh look! The "anointed one's" wife is wearing curtains from the boiler room of the White House! How appapro! Such fashion sense, huh darling? I love the way the curtain eyelets hang dutifully from her shoulders. Makes a BIG statement, now doesn't it? Oh and what is that tying it all together????? Oh, it's a rope. Most definitely from the manger from which Obama was brought into this world. Under a starlit sky, no doubt! The shoes??? They must be from the "Three Kings of Orient are bearing gifts they traversed so far." Maybe the Frankincense and myrrh or just the ganja he smoked in Chicago?

he said, 'don't ever blame anyone else if things go wrong. You're in charge, so it's your fault.'

their groups are entitled to every possible appropriation, regardless of the larger public cost.


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