the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

“There’s a place for information,”

"Mr. Krugman: The Chinese elite in government agencies, research centers and universities
have very sophisticated understanding of currency issues. You can find similar depth
articles on popular journals on streets for regular folks in Xian.
Without understand the Chinese mindset, particular Chinese leadership mindset,
all the governmental negations, NGO influences were meaningless.
China has operate under assumption that it will cut off from West completely
for more than 60 years, more so today. It is in their DNA to be independent
on everything. Just look at their energy policy: China has the fastest growth of
 energy and it has contracts with dozens nations on oil in case one source became unavailable.
Just read their speeches, from Mao to current Hu, they have expressed explicitly
that China would not go to a path where others may blackmail China. No matter
how you slice it, the Chinese has upper hand, as all creditors do. We just have to live with that."


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