the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

Conjure Demons

I am a long time occult, a Z=5 adept of the Golden Dawn and Corresponding Associate and Brother of the American O.T.O. I have a large collection of grimoires and this is one of the best. Simple conjurations for a number of demons in one neat and compact volume. At 79 pages, I read this in one two hour sitting. These occult grimoires of very high quality really improve the individual who takes them seriously on a number of levels: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, health and ambition. Why trash an expensive book and waste your money? Why not take it seriously and better yourself? This lately in my life has been one of the few books as an advanced practitioner I got something out of. The conjurations do work, but that doesn't mean they will always be successful. S.L. Mathers is an expert on the subject and easily one of the best sources the aspirant can learn from. Yes, it does borrow from Christianity. Christians are all over, especially in America. If you are going to be an occultist you cannot be very hostile towards ChristianS themselves; you might end up literally with no friends whatsoever. This IS NOT satanism! Mathers was not a satanist nor am I. This actually blows away satanism hands down.

Tags: testament of solomon

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