the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

Democrats & The Aristocrats (Obama voters are the gold standard of stupid)


"Government involvement ruins efficiency 99% of the time. We spend too much money on our military industrial complex AND our entitlements. As a successful mid-20s American, I loathe the fact that so much of the money I EARNED is being wasted on Ponzi schemes like Social Security. Let me decide where to put it... it won't be in meddling in foreign affairs.


Health care is still a problem, despite the 2000+ page monstrosity passed last year. Well Pelosi, we found out what is in it!


Please don't start with that "single payer" nonsense though. The EU Utopias are all crashing down because of their entitlement spending.


The UK's NHS is the world's third largest employer... the UK has 60 million people... we have 310 million.. I'd like to know where liberals would get the money to pay for socialized medicine in a country where 47% of households pay $0.00 in federal income taxes.


I am in the 53% that helps support all the moochers. Do some need help? Sure. Do many scam the system? You betcha!


You want cheap health care services? Unleash the private sector. It's quite simple.


At some point, lasik and plastic surgery were very expensive, yet with technological advances in these fields, prices have come down. Guess what! Insurance is not mandated to cover them!


The free market simply works when you let it work. Remember when plasma TVs were $10,000 and cell phones $500?


Health care is a service. There are 1700 insurance companies in this country, most of which are non-profit. For those who are for-profit, their profit margin averages about 3%.. which makes the health insurance industry the 37th most profitable in the country...


Want to know why costs are exploding? Go to a low-middle class area hospital and ask the doctors and staff in confidence why they charge so much."



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