the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary


'WHAT's your definition of sin, then?' The same as anyone's: whatever
I find someone unable to stop doing.

Next, you must trust your senses: they will show you nothing false if
your intelligence keeps you awake. Keep your eyes fresh and open and
joyful, and move with sure steps, yet flexibly, through the fields of a
world so richly endowed.

At such times the past lives on, and the future lives in advance, and the
moment is eternity.

And if in the end you have achieved this, and have come to feel
thoroughly convinced that only what bears fruit is true -- consider the
conduct of the majority, leave them to arrange things as they please, and
choose your company among the élite.

The truth has long since been known, and has become a bond between
noble intelligences; grasp it, the age-old truth!

And then at once turn your gaze inward: you will find the Centre there
within, and this no noble mind can doubt. There you will feel no lack of
governance, for conscience, relying upon itself, is the sun of your moral

What should the solving of Nature's secrets be? The discovery of God
both within and without.

If you wish to advance into the infinite, explore the finite in all directions.

Remembrance of what is good keeps us high in spirit. Remembrance of
what is beautiful is the salvation of mortal (wo)men. Remembrance of what is
dear will be happiness, if it remains alive.

I was dreaming and loving clear as day; I realized that I was alive.

If you want always to do right, and to enjoy doing it, then let true love
fill your mind and heart.

WHATEVER truths or fables you may find in a thousand books, it is all a
tower of Babel unless love holds it together.

You will have to be content with death, so why make your life a misery?

You will always be stuck with your peculiarities; your qualities are what
you must cultivate.

You needn't confuse me by contradicting! One cannot begin to speak
without beginning to err.

If there is confusion in your head and in your heart, what more do you
want! A (wo)man who no longer loves and no longer errs should have himself/herself
buried straight away.

'BUT why, for you, does everything at once lose all its value and
importance?' Doing is interesting; what's done is dull.

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