the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

you make me hard

when i'm all soft inside
and i want you and i want you
take me with you
living without you
without you everything falls apart
it's always much fun to pick up the pieces
like the wind you passed me by
kiss the tears that burn my eyes
take me with you
i will raise you from your sleepy self
i will make you laugh and make you cry
i will climb into your bed
i will kiss you in a hundred and fifty-five places
as i go running around in your head
as i shout it to the blue summer sky
and you will throw your arms around me
and we may never meet again
so shed your skin and let's get started
thanks goodnight oh oh the pictures sad
in somebody else's god oh why why can't it be mine never made it as a wise man =)

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