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When the heart overflows, it comes out through the mouth

        "Children play at being great and wonderful
people, at the ambitions they will put away for one
reason or another before they grow into ordinary
men and women. Mankind as a whole had a like
dream once: everybody and nobody built up that
dream bit by bit, and the ancient storytellers are there
to make us remember what mankind would have
been like, had not the fear and the failing will and the
laws of nature tripped up its heels. . . I have read
in a fabulous book that a Woman had but to imagine a
bird and it was born into life, and that she created all
things out of herself by nothing more than unflag-
ging fancy; and heroes who can make a ship out of a
shaving have but little less of the divine preroga-

                                                      -William Butler Yeats

the finite within the infinite
you are here to find your release yoohoo

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