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i'm eating shrimp and prawns after playing guitar

Over the years Mustaine says he's tried most of the major string brands on the market --GHS Boomers, Ernie Ball, Dean Markley -- but he still finds D'Addario strings have the best playability and the best sound. "Peter D'Addario has come up with a custom wound set for me. It's not a Dave set per se but we have a custom pack that we use and I've been very satisfied with them." But there must still be challenges that you face as a musician?

Mustaine: I would say, for me, probably the most challenging thing is dodging snot and spitballs and shoes and shit… When I first started, my front teeth were both the same length. I remember one day somebody body surfed to the front of the stage and hit the mic stand. And it hit me right in my teeth cause I sing on the microphone. And he fell onto the stage and I kicked him right in the head. And he stood up and he was about four feet tall and probably around twelve years old and I felt like a total loser. 'Cause I just lost control. I mean, I'd been hit in the mouth a bunch of times by people coming over and this was the first guy that was actually trapped on stage and he was mine. Generally though, you seem to thrive on the business side of all this as much as the music. Many artists would just as soon not bother with the business.

Mustaine: That's the people that get fucked. Those are guys that end up like Billy Joel or Stevie Wonder or TLC or any of the other myriads of people who end up getting ripped off. If you keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind you're gonna make sure that you don't ever get into a hole and you don't have to play music to keep the lights on. You play it because you actually love it.

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