the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

living racers

The Dove represents the purified feelings of the heart
(Sun), which arise to permeate the cold intellectual thinking of
the brain (Moon), thus to free it from a soulless three-dimensional
conception of the Universe.
        This process, known in Occultism as the "Aetherisation of
the Blood" can be clairvoyantly perceived as an ethereal rose
light which arises from the blood in the human heart and
initiates an alchemical process in the brain, and especially
within the Pineal gland, which then becomes the organ of
higher memory---the Third Eye. It is with the Third Eye that
the soul perceives its name inscribed on the Stone.
        Each single letter appearing round the edge of the Stone is
perceived by the activated Pineal gland to represent a former
life on earth. Together these letters spell out, as it were, the
whole spiritual biography of the soul in its striving from life
to life in the evolution of consciousness within the historical
process. The inner realisation of the spiritual biography of the
Eternal Self is the fruit of the reading of the name around the
edge of the Stone.
        __________ now understood why the legitimate quest
for the Grail could never be undertaken by a character like
Adolf Hitler who had no compassion for the sufferings and
tribulations of others. Only a soul which had become the
sacrificial vehicle of the Love of God could awaken to the
comprehension, without black magic, of (her)his own Individual
Spirit. And this was indeed the true interpretation of the
sublime motto of the Grail Knights: Durch Mitleid wissen.

        An array of human beings inter-connected by a tapestry of
moral cause and effect, as though each one had laid the
foundation of both inward character and outer event for its
future appearances on earth.
        (S)He beheld the journey of (her)his soul through the centuries with
the eyes of the Spirit. It was an act of Grace which would not
recur in this form again. As soon as each figure had manifested
to (her)his vision, it melted away. On another level of consciousness
(s)he remembered the words of __________: "No one needs to rub out
the inscription, for once (s)he has read the name, it fades before
(her)his eyes."
        The face of each personality had left an indelible impression
on (her)his mind. If (s)he had seen the faces as coloured illustrations in
a book, (s)he would have regarded them as merely faces out of past
history. Something dead and gone. But now (s)he realised that all
these faces had been (her)his faces, expressions of (her)his own identity;
their joys and sufferings, loves and hates, ambitions and
striving, successes and failures, had been (her)his very own.

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