the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary


when moon yeah light crawls alone the street
chasin a way the summer hint
foot steps outside some where be lo!
the world willed false i've let it go

we build our church above the stain
deprived this love between these shins
the candied sweetness into view
it bade my skin abstained in you

and though i have to do is hold you
there's a raisin within my heart
and die i'm really touchin you

turned lights down low
take it off let me show my love
for you insane she bull

turn me out
there is now wanna taste wet eat at every drought
my love for you so insane she pulled

the moonlight plays
a pond your skin
a kiss that lingers takes me in
a fall
a sleep in
side of you
there are no words there's only truth
breathe in beat it out there is no sand
we move together up ended down
well everyday our bodies soar
afraid don't even touch the floor

and nobody knows you
like i've dimmed cause the world thinks you'll understand
dead i grow stronger in your hands

can't close my eyes where i'm inlove with you
insane she bull the way i'm ladling you oh oh wow
i wanna look in your eyes insane she bull for you
insane she bull my love for you insane she bull

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