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enveloped ideas

now i know for sure there really isn't any cure
if there's any doubt maybe we could work things out

When you wake up each morning,
and you feel like calling.
When the road seems uncertain
and you can't stop the hurting

When there's no one beside you
I'll be there to guide you
catch you each time you fall.
When the stars won't shine anymore

When the world is unkind
and your dreams, they need more time.
If the rules they keep breaking
and the future is fading.
I'll be there for you.

The rainbow will end
in the palm of your hand
don't ever let it go.
When the stars won't shine anymore
I'll be there.

Who knows where we'll go
what will tomorrow bring.
But we have each other, just hold on tight.
We can take to the skies and fly.... :)

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