the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

you are my perfect love and heavenly inspiration

the hard aspects between have been called
the aspects of the God-seeker. We are under constant strain in
matters of love and friendship, and this produces intense yearning
for an ideal realm of mystic unity. The tense aspects give us a much
more exalted notion of love and comradeship than is warranted by
everyday life. Consequently we are very susceptible to disappointments
of all kinds in the field of relationships. Such aspects crop
up time and again in the charts of great artists, musicians and others
who have bequeathed glorious works to the human race, but have
suffered many trials and tribulations in their personal lives.
    Often there is tremendous sensitivity with the hard aspects,
and this can give unstable emotional reactions. There may be an
exaggerated sympathy for others, or complete self-renunciation,
because the self is undervalued. We may put partners on a pedestal
and set ourselves to serve them.
    However, the disappointments typical of the hard aspects seem
to stimulate us to beat the odds stacked against us, and, although
traumatic, can release considerable creativity.

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