the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

The mysterious wind

A young painter finds a beautiful but wounded young mermaid, taking her home however turns out to be a nightmarish mistake.

Overview: A man is arrested in Okinawa Japan for the dismemberment of a woman. Police are puzzled as to the explanation of the circumstances surrounding the horrendous murder. The man was promptly arrested at the scene. A psychiatric evaluation is performed on the murderer and the prognosis is schizophrenia. Still in a comatose state and jabbering incomprehensibly, only two words are ever understood. The words are BEAUTIFUL and MERMAID. Over and over he repeats them until his mouth is parched and his lips cracked and even then his raspy voice still whispers the words until he lays unconscious.
We find out that the man was an art teacher with a penchant for the macabre and a detail for the intense. After his arrest the underground art scene clamored for his work. But with little or no artwork available it soon died down and his name became just an echo in the art world.
The mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder have turned into a Japanese urban legend. It is whispered about at art shows and is feared by artists and painters in Japan. For they fear that they too will encounter a mermaid that will unleash their own talents to the point of madness and murder. .

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