the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary


      Found out for what?
      Found out for being what you are (and what in this day and
age I think a serious writer has to be): an ex-suicide, a cipher,
naught, zero---which is as it should be, because being a naught is
the very condition of making anything. This is a secret. People
don't know this. Even distinguished critics are under the misapprehension
that you are something, a substance, that you represent
this or that tradition, a skill, a growing store of wisdom. Whereas,
in fact, what you are doing is stripping yourself naked and putting
yourself in the eye of the hurricane and leaving the rest to chance,
luck, or providence. Faulkner said it in fact: writing a novel is like
a one-armed man trying to nail together a chicken coop in a
hurricane. I think of it as more like trying to pick up a four-hundred-pound
fat lady (see heevoling): you need a lot of hands to hold up a lot
of places at once.
-Walker Percy

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