the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

oh shit she's suckin on my wang

ski school

I remember when i was a young boy
Nothing really ever mattered to me
I would take each day as it came my way
You know how children live for the moment

I remember the first girl i kissed
I remember when grandma insisted
That i came inside
She'd say come in for the night
You know tomorrow will be another day

Do you remember when youth used to be a friend
Do you remember when comfort
was in never understanding
Comfort was in never understanding

Do you know what i mean?

Do you remember the way that it used to be?
Full of innocence, so alive,
life was carefree
It was so good then,
hangin' out with your best friend
You'd float wherever you wanted to

Do you remember your first true love?
Do you ever wonder
if she ever thinks
of the times when you
Used to walk home from school
And say tomorrow will be another day

Come along
to the place that we once lived
Touch the things that made us happy
Find the child that lives within
Come along
Come along
You know it's alright to go back there
Touch the things that made us happy
Look for the days that were so fair
Come along
And you know that it goes without sayin'
There's a child deep inside always playin'

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