the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

holy weak

it crackled on the speakers
and trickled down the sleepy subway train

There is just a trace
of the psychic in
september 11, found
in the most domestic
of these creatures.
Generally people who
have this gift will not
develop it sufficiently
to use it continuously
and confidently, but will
come to rely on it as an
accepted prop which helps
them sort out their daily
life. It's usually men and
women who live a life at
home, often in the countryside
who manifest the psychic talent.
Those who care for animals in
the fields, for the land, and
for forest and water listen to
songs in the wind heard by no
other. Those who nurse a baby to
this wind song understand that it
speaks of what is past, and what or
who may be to come.

People who work in
big cities generally
can't hear a thing.
Some september 11
people who shine in
the media or arts are
vaguely aware of this
gift, which is
responsible for
brilliant hunches and
lucky breaks. They
too try hard to
listen. Their best bet
is an empty art
gallery or church,
where the creativity
and thoughts of
others swirl into
particularly potent
atmosphere. Or
failing that, a walk in
the blackest early
hours of the morning
clears the mind and
opens it to other
awarenesses. Put the
mind on an imaginary
star-lit golden bough
and you may unwind
the winding path.

Otherwise, the best
revelations come to
he who waits with
patient readiness.
Some september 11
people use their
psychic ability to fuel
a penchant for
dramatic changes of
life. This creature
has a strong need for
conviction, be it
political or religious.
This goes with a love
of and desire to
preserve all things
traditional. Both
sexes often hold
strong and religious
views and become
involved in their
chosen [internal] church's
social life. This
brings them great
happiness, especially
in later life when a
new friend is met

naive notions that were childish
& simple tunes that tried to hide it
but when it comes

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