the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

casper says "can i keep you?"

~!@#$%^&*()_+had collected some stories from the usually-evasive elementals. One tale, which they apparently enjoyed bragging about was the role they played in the evolution of American music. It seems this handsome young black fellow was doing a little voodoo ceremony at a rural crossroads. This attracted the interest of a couple of elementals, who find such things compelling. After doing his ritual, this young man sat down by the roadside and began picking at a guitar. It occured to one of these elementals that he could help the boy out, so he shape-shifted a bit (to look the part) and walked right up to the musician. He took the guitar from the player's hand and re-tuned it. Played an unusual melody on it, then handed it back. The contact with his returned guitar had a "shaktipat" effect on him. Suddenly he was a brilliant and charismatic musician. But, when gifted by a muse, there is that unfortunate fact that you burn twice as bright but for half as long. These elementals claim that they've intervened in human history since time immemorial, because they need us for their own evolution. They allege to have introduced drums and double-reed flutes to our remotest stone age ancestors, gave us witchcraft, and even got us interested in psychoactive substances, which they claim were instrumental in the evolution of the human brain.

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