the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

well you don't see this guy plunking money on marijuana research
because what benefit does human kind get from marijuana users
except whine the sac about not noticing how cool their nutty lives are
gates has sampled most of these recreational stuff, and in his
playboy magazine interview(which is available on cd-rom hehe) he says he'll
never go back to this errant phase again
a hardcore about face does the job, any job

Adding to a previous pledge of $200 million for third-world disease and health research, Bill Gates dropped another $250 million into the pot because of overwhelming response.

In the spirit of bridging the gap between developed and developing nations, Gates, 49, announced the pledge in the World Health Assembly in Geneva today.

He began a $200 million project in 2003 to entice the world's top scientific minds to address the world's deadliest diseases and other problems, such as hunger.

After being "taken with the response" of a multitude of creative ideas like non-refrigerated vaccines, easy-to-use life-threatening fever detectors, drugs that attack diseases hiding in the immune system, and developing a single staple crop.

Gates was surprised at the disparity between richer and poorer nations when it came to medical research.

Because many diseases are unknown in wealthier nations, big pharmaceutical companies ignore them.

Gates said he and his wife, Melinda, became deeply involved in philanthropy in the past 10 years even though he had always thought he would wait until he was in his 60s. He said the crisis in world health made them realize that "by acting now you could have such a dramatic effect on this generation and future generations."

Gates said there was an additional payoff to fighting the diseases of the poor.

"We found out that as you improved health, it reduces population growth," he said. "That creates a virtuous cycle where you have more resources to educate a kid, feed a kid and get on the ladder of development."

It is easier to avoid corruption in providing health care than in big construction projects, he said.

"You can often track the spending all the way from the grant down to the child who needs to receive the immunization," Gates said. "We still have to be very careful. We have to have lots of measurements in place."

Gates said another setback can come from opponents to immunization drives, as happened when a Nigerian state boycotted the attempt to eliminate polio because of fears the vaccine was part of a plot to make Muslims sterile.


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