the septenary (diapholom) wrote,
the septenary

and examine carefully

that Light whose smile kindles the universe,
that beauty in which all things work and move,
that benediction which the eclipsing curse
of birth can quench not, that sustaining Love
which, through the web of being blindly wove
by man and beast and earth and air and sea,
burns bright or dim, as each are mirrors of
the fire for which all thirst, now beams on me,
Consuming the last clouds of cold mortality њљ

Once, when mind had become intent on the things which are,
and my understanding was raised to a great height, while my
bodily senses were withdrawn as in sleep, when men are weighed
down by too much food or by the drugs of the body, it seemed that
someone immensely great of infinite dimensions happened to call
my name and said to me


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